Into the woods…

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Today we headed off eastwards into Sweden, before we head north-east tomorrow. It was the first time either of us had been east of Elverum, and I can report that it does indeed consist of hours in the forest.

We stopped at Grøndalen,  where the Norwegian resistance fighters held back the German advance on Trysil, 3 May 1940, enabling the king and government to escape. Two hundred German soldiers were stopped at this cross-roads in the forest. The Norwegian resistance fighters retreated eastwards towards Sweden after the battle, and released their German prisoners as they crossed the border into Sweden (Sweden was neutral in WW2).


I went for a walk in the woods nearby, past the bomb craters from the time of the German invasion, and found the largest mushroom I think I´ve ever come across (hand shown for comparative purposes), and lots of wild flowers in bloom.

Traveling on eastwards, we crossed the Swedish border and after a while, came across our home for the night, Sälen Vandrarhem. So far, Sweden seems much like Norway, but with more of a fondness for blue and yellow.

So far, no bear or wolf has threatened to eat us.

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