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Bridge at Sundsvall


The last couple of days have been largely given over to driving north. It is a long way to Finnmark (as you can see on the map on the first blog page, it takes about 23 hours to drive), so we have split it into more manageable sections.

On the whole, I have spent the last couple of days looking at this,


but with some small highlights. First we visited Sweden´s most southernly Sami settlement, Idre. Unfortunately, the only thing notably Sami about it was the sign on entering the village, that was both in Swedish and Sami.


Sign both in Swedish and Sami in the background. It is possible to visit a reindeer herding family´s camp, but it was too far away and in the wrong direction for us on this visit.

In Sveg, we came across the world´s largest wooden bear (13 meters high). Sveg is not a walled city nor under siege, so we are assuming it is not full of Greek soldiers.


Finally we arrived in Sundsvall, feeling rather weary. Sundsvall is a fine city by the Gulf of Bothnia (Bottenvika), with wide boulevards and a pleasant harbour and riverside for sitting and strolling. All around the city centre, dragon statues have been placed (temporary exhibition, the Sundsvall Dragons are the name of the local basketball team).


The following morning, we headed up the coast to Umeå, stopping for a break at the suspension bridge, The High Coast Bridge (1800m). At the time of the opening in 1997, it was the 9th longest suspension bridge in the world:


Umeå has more northern feel about it. The light feels different and it is noticeable colder (although that might just be the current weather front). Next stop is Luleå for a couple of days.


Sculpture outside Umeå train station.


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