Interruptions in Umeå

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The Museum of Women´s History in Umeå is well-worth a visit. It is an attractive modern building beside the river, also housing one of the most inviting public libraries I have seen. The museum consists of two exhibit halls. In the first, feminism and gender issues are introduced in an art installation where visitors walk through a forest and are presented with different challenges and arguments as they go.

In the other room is a temporary photo exhibition of Sami women, Interruptions, by Cooper & Gorfer. The photos are magnificent in their use of colour and in depiction of the challenges faced by Sami women. The museum is well worth a visit when in Umeå.


For more about the exhibition:


Before leaving Umeå, we visited the Västerbottens Museum, a local history museum and folk park, including a small Sami village with a selection of typical houses from around the region:


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