About me

I have worked as a secondary school teacher in Norway for about twenty years and for ten years in the International Baccalaureate system. As well as teaching, I have written EFL textbooks for about 10 years. Currently I am working with teacher training in the English Department at NTNU in Trondheim, Norway.

I have spent many hours over the last years learning about, finding links and making tasks for working with indigenous knowledge and culture in my classes. While working with these topics, I have had contact with indigenous educators who have given me advice and help in finding and using sources. The aim of creating this website is to encourage other teachers to work with, and to give pupils a more meaningful interaction with, these topics.

Another aim is that all source material on this website is created by indigenous people themselves. Ideally, pupils would learn about indigenous culture from indigenous people directly. However, it is not always possible for teachers to invite indigenous educators into their classrooms. I hope this website can offer an acceptable alternative.

If you are teaching about indigenous culture and you have an indigenous community in your locality,  I would strongly encourage you to try to get in touch with an indigenous educator there directly before using ,or in conjunction with, the sources found on this website.

If you have any questions or comments, you are welcome to send me a message via the contact form.