Stan Grant´s Speech (2015)

Stan Grant, an Australian journalist, made an important speech about the situation for Aboriginal people in Australia. Before listening, review your knowledge of rhetorical devices (or look here and here if you haven´t covered them in class).

Stan Grant starts off by referring to Adam Goodes and his experience of racism. Goodes is an Australian rules football player who came in the media spotlight in 2013, when he reacted to a supporter calling him an “ape” during a game.

Listen to Grant´s speech below:



  1. Which points is he making about the situation of Aboriginal people?
  2. Which rhetorical devices is he using in his speech?


Australian Lamb

An advertisement for Australian lamb was released January 2017. Although many people from all backgrounds liked it, it also caused some controversy.


The Cope Street Collective, a Sydney based group of Aboriginal scriptwriters and actors, made a parody of the advert:



  1. What do you think is the message of the real Australian Lamb advertisement? Why do you think Aboriginal people might react negatively to it?
  2. Why do you think the Cope Street Collective decided to make a parody of this advertisement? Do you think they are successful in getting their message across?