Introducing Indigenous Identity

In the videos below, different Indigenous peoples from Australia, North America and Norway are talking about what it means to them to be Indigenous and what attitudes they meet in their everyday lives.


In this video made by Buzzfeed Australia, Aboriginal people talk about attitudes others have towards them and who they really are.

  1. The first part of the video is people saying “I’m Aboriginal, but I’m not…” What can you learn about attitudes to Aboriginal people from how the people being interviewed complete this sentence?
  2. What do the people tell about who they are? Why do you think they chose those things to talk about?
  3. What is the aim of the video? Do you think it achieves this aim? Why/why not?



In this interview, Moddi, a young Norwegian musician and singer, is interviewing a well-known Sami singer, Mari Bøine, for a project called Unsongs.

  1. What does Mari tell about the attitudes to Sami culture that she met growing up?
  2. How have these attitudes affected her?
  3. How does she see the Norwegian states role in oppressing the Sami?
  4. How does she see the situation now?



North America

In the video below, made by the New York Times Op-Docs,  Native Americans talk about how they feel about being Indigenous and what kinds of attitudes they meet.

  1. What kind of relationship do the people have in the video to their own Indigenous background?
  2. What kind of attitudes have they met in other people?
  3. What can you learn about attitudes to Native Americans from this video?
  4. Did any of the points they make surprise you? Which ones? Why? (or if you weren’t surprised, why not?)