Literature List – Decolonization

This page contains a list of links to useful articles for general interest, working on academic essays and other projects about indigenous peoples (especially in a Norwegian context). The articles here are aimed at teachers who want to learn more about this topic, and students at universities or colleges.

Some links are in Norwegian and some in English. If you are looking for a specific topic or an article in a specific language that is not on the list, let me know. I have many more available! 

Smith, L (2012) Decolonizing Methodology (the first chapters are most relevant)

Lynge, A (2006) The Best Colony in the World (this article gives an interesting Greenland perspective on colonization and de-colonization):

Koukkanan, R (2000) “Towards an “Indigenous Paradigm” from a Sami Perspective” (this article gives a great overview) :


Also check out the literature lists on Indigenous Topics in Education and on the Sami.



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