Literature list – Sami topics

This page contains a list of links to useful articles for general interest, working on academic essays and other projects about the Sami. It is aimed at teachers who want to learn more and students studying topics related to Indigenous peoples at universities and colleges.

Some links are in Norwegian and some in English. If you are looking for a specific topic or an article in a specific language that is not on the list, let me know. I have many more available!

Reaidu – nettside laget av Universitet i Tromsø. Mye informasjon om samisk kultur og historie. Målgruppa: lærerstudenter.


Samisk myteknuser – nettsiden tar opp flere av fordommer mot samer og gir fakta


Minde, H (2005) Assimilation of the Sami – Implementation and Consequences


Berg-Nordlie, M (2016) The governance of urban indigenous spaces: Norwegian Sámi examples


Kramvig. B (2015) Gifts of Dreams (discussion of role of dreams and of gifts in Sami society):


Jernsletten, K & Storfjell, T (2017) Re-reading Knut Hamsun in Collaboration with Place in Lule Sámi Nordlánda (article about Sami in area where Markens grøde was written):

Bjerki & Selle (2006) Samepolitikkens utvikling (flere artikler her er av interesse)


Sørdal (2018) Nomino (kapittel om fornorskning)



NTNU sør-samisk