Literature list: Indigenous Topics in Education

This page contains a list of links to useful articles for general interest, working on academic essays and other projects about representations of Indigenous peoples in educational settings (especially in a Norwegian context).
Some links are in Norwegian and some in English. If you are looking for a specific topic or an article in a specific language that is not on the list, let me know. I have many more available!

Olsen T (2018) «Urfolk» og «mangfold» i skolens læreplan


Eriksen, K (2018) Teaching About the Other in Primary Level Social Studies: The Sami in Norwegian Textbooks


Eriksen, K (2018) The indigenous Sami citizen and Norwegian national identity: tensions in curriculum discourses


Brown, C, Habegger-Conti; J (2017) Visual Representations of Indigenous Cultures in Norwegian EFL Textbooks


Beret Wicklund 2018 “Samisk litteratur i norskfaget” i Ann-Sylvi Larsen, Beret Wicklund & Ivar Sørensen (red.) Norsk 5-10. Litteraturboka. Oslo, Universitetsforlaget, s. 168-181


Olsen T (2017) “Colonial Conflicts: Absence, Inclusion and Indigenization in Textbook Presentations of Indigenous Peoples” in Lewis, Andreassen & Thobro (2017) Textbook Violence


Lund, R (2016) “Searching for the Indigenous: Urfolk i engelskverket Searching” in Askeland & Aamotsbakken (2016) Folk uten land?


Also check out the literature lists for Decolonization and for the Sami.