Suggested plan for working with indigenous people in VG1 English

This page will be updated with different ideas as more activities are added to this website.

Below are some ideas on how the tasks here could be used in addition, or instead of, textbook activities to engage pupils in working with indigenous topics.

Working with Aboriginal Australia

Week one:

Pupils should get a basic overview first. Either read the text in the textbook about Aboriginal Australians before class, or present the topic at the start of the first class.

Group work: Pupils work with Aboriginal knowledge through the “role-play” in described in Getting to Know Aboriginal Culture – Part One and Part Two. The role-play and the discussion afterwards should take about 4/5 periods (if each period is 40 minutes)

Rather than doing the group work, it is also possible to focus on specific aspects of Aboriginal culture, such as Dreamtime Stories or Songlines.

Week two/ week three:

Focusing on historical and modern issues. These are covered in general in most of the textbooks for VG1 English. Then look at some of them in more depth: For example, in the activities: Two Songs (Stolen Generations) and Australia Day/ Invasion Day.

Watch the film “Rabbit Proof Fence” and discuss the issues in the film. You can find some resources for the film here.

Week four:

Move on to looking at other indigenous cultures (for example, the Maori or Native Americans). Compare their culture and issues to what pupils have learnt about Aboriginal Australians.